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by Asienreisender, Trang, 2012

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On Asienreisender

Asienreisender is German and can be precisely translated to 'asia traveller'. Asienreisender is travelling since several years around the globe. After Europe, Africa and Latin America, Asienreisender now travels Southeast Asia as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Singapore.

Asienreisender is not politically correct. This site therefore is rather authentic. It sees the topics with the eyes of a traveller.

About many topics here in Southeast Asia can not be written, because there are different national censorships and restricting laws on them. E.g. talking freely about religion is a big problem. Some influential people (as many uninfluential people as well) feel very easily insulted and are in that supported by the law. That's so with many political subjects as well.

One can also not speak freely about some certain political topics in public.


Whenever available I use my own photos to illustrate the articles. Since that is not always possible, particularly on historical topics, I try to get images from other sources. The verymost of them are declared as 'common free'. In the very few cases if pictures might appear on this pages who are not common free, it's supposed to be allowed to use low-resolution images for an illustration on a non-commercial website.

The caption 'Image by Asienreisender' means that the photo is made by myself. In the cases that paintings and drawings, found in museums, temples, hotels or other places are shown, it of course does not claim that the painting or drawing is done by myself. It's only meant for the photo of the painting/drawing.

Almost all of the maps are made by myself. They are clearly labeled as such.

Legal Note

Texts and images are free for use, so long it serves non-profit purposes only. Business usage of any content of this website is strictly excluded. Whenever you use text from here, mark the text as quoted and set a link on your website, blog or whatever to this website. Denote any images you use as coming from this website and give it a link to the page where it is from.

Would be great if you also would inform me, but don't bother if not.

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Published on June 9th, 2012

Last update: December 2nd, 2013