Politics in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian economies are still fast growing. That makes the world region very dynamic in it's development. Thing's are changing fast, and building activities are everywhere. Within short time spans whole cities and landscapes change their appearences dramatically.

But not only that makes the world region more significant as it was in the past. The political and military tensions between the superpower USA and emerging China focus also in the Pacific region of Southeast Asia.

Some of the features of Southeast Asia's politics are given here.

The 4th Friendship Bridge
Chiang Khong to Huayxai

After several delays due to disagreements among the three countries over the project's budget, the politcal instability in Thailand and the global financial crisis the opening, first announced for 2011, will no supposed to be in late 2013. The location of the bridge is not in Chiang Khong village itself, but some 4 km south of it.

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Cluster Bombs in Nong Kheaw

Bombs on Laos

Not many people know that the Vietnam War did not only happen in Vietnam, but also in Cambodia and Laos. That is because the war agains Vietnam's two smaller neighbours has never been declared.

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Published on May 1st, 2012

Damming the Mekong

The Mekong river is facing big changes. There are plans to build up to 20 dams in China, Laos and Cambodia in total. What does that mean for the river, it's ecology and the people living around?

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Thailand's South

In 2004 a still unknown underground group captured hundreds of arms when raiding a weapon depot in Narathiwat. The Thai state reacted with a 'hard hand'...

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Published on January 13th, 2012

Vietnam's Nuclear Programme

Vietnam's government announced in June 2010 publicly that it is planning to build 8 nuclear power plants including 14 units until 2030.

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